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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  August 1, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> schieffer: tonight, he showed no mercy. he gets none. but before ariel castro hears his sentence, he hears from one of the women he held in his house of horrors. >> you took 11 years of my life away, and i have got it book. now your hell is just beginning. >> schieffer: dean reynolds is at the courthouse. bob orr on russia granting asylum to n.s.a. leaker edward snowden. major garrett has white house reaction. that cyclospora outbreak has made hundreds sick, but where is it coming from? >> i don't know what to buy. i don't where to go eat. >> schieffer: dr. jon lapook has the latest on the investigation. and this was a six-year-old when he came to america. this is him now. elaine quijano on how an afghan boy got his childhood back. uijaw
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captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. this is the "cbs evening news" wi >> schieffer: good evening. scott's on assignment. i'm bob schieffer. three young women were held captive for a decade in a dilapidated cleveland house where they were repeatedly raped and abused. but ariel castro, the man who pleaded guilty to the crime, said today it was everybody's fault but his and claimed the women were actually happy. judge michael russo was not convinced. he sentenced castro to life in prison without parole, plus 1,000 years. dean reynolds is at the courthouse. >> reporter: a shackled ariel castro scanned the courtroom today for a familiar face. there was at least one, michelle knight, one of the three women he imprisoned in his home fair decade of sexual and emotional
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brutality. she told the court and castro what it was like living in that house with its windows boarded up, trip alarms on the doors, the heavy chains, the pole they were tied to, and the dark. she shared it all with fellow captives amanda berry and gina dejesus. >> i cried every night. i was so alone. i worried about what would happen to me and the other girls every day. days turned into nights. nights turned into days. years turned into eternity. >> reporter: knight had five miscarriag ing her captivity after beatings or forced starvation by castro. he lured her into his home in 2002 with the promise of a puppy. >> you took 11 years of my life away. and i have got it back. i spent 11 years in hell. now your hell is just beginning. i will live on. you will die a little every day.
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>> reporter: what followed her was a wordy, weepy attempt at self-justification by castro, alternately apologizing for his crimes and then blaming a sex addiction for his actions. >> they are tracking to make me look like a monster. i am not a monster. i am a normal person. i am sick. i have an addiction just like an alcoholic has an addiction. >> reporter: he then claimed his three captives often wanted sex with him. >> most of the sex that went on in that house, was consensual. this is-- these allegations about being forceful on them, that is totally wrong. i do also want to let you know there was harmony at the home, that i was a good person. >> reporter: this from the 53- year-old man who fathered a daughter, now six, after raping amanda berry. neither his child, berry, nor dejesus was in court today, but castro cast a long gaze at michelle knight before he was
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led away. and as he imposed that sentence of life without parole plus 1,000 years in prison, bob, judge michael russo told castro that there is no place in this city, no place in this country-- indeed, no place in this world for people who enslave others, those who sexually abuse others, and those who brutalize others. >> schieffer: all right, well, thank you very much, dean. much to the displeasure of the u.s. government, russia granted temporary asylum today to edward snowden, the national security agency contract employee who leaked some of america's most closely guarded terror-fighting secrets. he's been living in the moscow airport for the last month. the united states demanded he be sent home to face criminal charges but today the russians said no. bob orr now with that story. >> reporter: edward snowden nearly slipped out of the moscow
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airport unnoticed, but this picture from russian television purports to show the former n.s.a. contractor standing with his back to the camera preparing to leave for an unknown location location. snowden's airport departure happened as his attorney showed reporters a copy of a temporary refugee document which allows snowed tone live and travel freely within russia for the next 12 months. it was the ticket snowden needed to safely check out of the small airport hotel he'd called home for the past 39 days. the antigovernment secrets group wikileaks, which is assisting snowden, posted his reaction on its web site, and thanked russia for granting him temporary asylum, and took a swipe at the u.s.: u.s.: the u.s. government does not see it that way. snowden is a fugitive, wanted on three criminal charges, two under the espionage act for leaking classified details about
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n.s.a. data collection programs. snowden has been unapologetic, telling the british newspaper "the guardian" privacy is being trampled in the name of national security. >> when you are subverting the power of government, that's a fundamentally dangerous thing to democracy. >> reporter: in granting temporary asylum, russia rebuffed repeated u.s. requests to extradite snowden. russian president putin has warned snowden he must stop leaking america's secrets and snowden's father went on russian television today and reminded his son to stop talking. >> he needs to respect the president putin's request. i believe my son's work is done with this in he has made a tremendous sacrifice to let the american people what has been done to them and in their name. >> reporter: it's not clear where snowden might go next since he cannot legally travel outside of russia. bolivia, nicaragua, and venezuela have all offered him
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asylum, but for now, bob a snowden escape to latin america seems highly unlikely. >> schieffer: our chief white house correspondent major garrett is tracking the story from there. major, the u.s. government can't be very happen about this. >> reporter: no, it's not, bob. the president had an opportunity to talk directly to the american public about this when he met with the president in the office in yemen but waived off all questions. jay carney describes the president as extremely frustrated and disappointed by russia's move. president obama personally lobbied the russian lobbied vladimir putin to expel snowden so he could face felony charges in the united states. attorney general eric holder and top administration officials warned russia not to cross the united states over snowden. now that it has, the dilemma for the white house is how to respond forcefully without elevating snowden above every other conversation between the united states and russia. >> schieffer: well, you know, the president is going to an international economic conference in st. petersburg, russia, next month. he's also supposed to, while he's there, as you know, major, have a private meeting with
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putin. does he still plan to do that. >> reporter: the first time, bob the white house said sade it is not committing and longer that face-to-face meeting between president obama and president putin in moscow just before that big economic conference. the white house says it is reviewing the utility of such a meeting, suggesting it could be the first but possibly not the only casualty of the snowden affair. >> schieffer: all right, thank you very much, garrett. late today, an ominous announcement by the state department. without giving details it says it is order something u.s. embassies and consulates in various places in the world to close on sunday because of a security threat. david martin is at the pentagon tonight. david, the question to you, have you been able to find out anything about this? >> reporter: well, bob, u.s. inte intelligence has picked up signs of an al qaeda plot against american diplomatic outpost middle east and other muslim countries. the intelligence does not mention a specific location, which is why all embassies that would normally be open on sunday have been ordered to close.
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and that includes embassy and consulates in middle east, north africa, and south asia, where sunday is the start of the work week. officials say this appears to be a real plot in the making and not just the normal chatter among terrorists talking about attacks they'd like to carry out, but these same officials add they are missing key pieces of information. >> schieffer: all right, well, i know you'll be staying on this story, david. in syria's civil war the assad regime seized momentum weeks ago but today the rebels fought back. thigh fired rockets into a weapons depot in the city of homs setting off huge explosions. human rights groups say at least 40 people were killed, maybe 120 wounded. earlier today, the syrian president bashar al-assad made a rare appearance on state tv when he visited soldiers outside damascus. this 113th congress back in eashington is on track become the least predictive in history,
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so whatt for them to mark that than by taking off the rest of the summer without finding a way to fund the government come september. if you are keeping score at home, congress' approval rating is now 17%. if you ever wondered why members don't find this embarrassing, well, they have their reasons. here's our congressional correspondent nancy cordes. >> reporter: congress has passed just 23 laws this year, including one to name a bridge and another to promote fishing gl tennessee's cumberland river. the glacial pace on capitol hill may annoy americans but here's the irony-- 50% still think their own member is doing a good job. >> my job is to represent the people of utah to washington, not washington to utah. >> reporter: utah republican jason chaffetz won 76% of the vote in his house district last year. the poll found that republicans
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get more blame for the gridlock, and are considered more extreme than their democratic counter- parts. are you worried about that? >> ah, you can't worry about that day in and day out. that's not necessarily new news. >> reporter: congress has grown more partisan partly because congressional districts are getting more partisan, packed with either democratic or republican voters. take a look at illinois' 18 districts before and after 2011 to party in power-- in this case, democrats -- redrew the district boundaries in their favor. those lopsided districts leave lawmakers more beholden to their own party's voters with less incentive to reach across the aisle. pete gallego, a new democratic member from texas still getting used to that unusual dynamic. >> if you walk in every day and you tell your spouse, "i don't care who your opinion is we're going to do it my way every day, because i'm always right," then
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your marriage doesn't last very long. it's not much of a marriage. >> reporter: you could say this political marriage is on the rocks. not only does congress have enormous difficulty tackling important challenges like jobs or entitlement reform but it's even struggling, bob, to perform basic duties, like funding the government which is needs to do by next month. >> schieffer: okay, nancy, well, thank you so much. upbeat reports about the economy sent the major stock indexes to an all-time high today. the dow gained 128 points to close at 5,628. that's the 29th record high of the year, and the s&p 500 closed above 1700 for the first time ever. there are more cases of a nasty bug, but the source remains a mystery. your grocery bill is going up because of what's happening down on the farm, and a hungry bear gets some takeout food when the cbs evening news continues. a hr gets some takeout food when the
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>> schieffer: the mystery is deepening about the outbreak of cyclospora. today, the c.d.c. said there have now been 397 cases in 16 states but no one has yet identified the source. here's dr. jon lapook. >> reporter: in early july, days after eating salads at home and at restaurants in texas, suzie matteis developed diarrhea that persisted for weeks before a test found cyclospora.
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>> i had montezuma's revenge, or dysentery. something was going on. i don't have my normal appetite. and i just want to get better because i'm used to being in good shape. >> reporter: matteis still doesn't know what food made her sick. investigators in texas have not named a source. but this week, health investigators in nebraska said the outbreak there originated from prepackaged salad mix that came through national distribution channels. now the c.d.c. and f.d.a. are looking for the exact source of that contamination. iowa officials also said a orepackaged salad mix is to blame but neither state is naming the company or companies involved. both states cite laws preventing them from naming companies if they believe the contaminated product is no longer a public health threat. officials believe the contaminated food is likely out of the food supply. matteis was given antibiotics
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and is slowly improving. >> i'm skittish now about going back to buying foods. i don't know what to buy. i don't where to go eat. and, you know, actually, i mean, i'm still not out of the woods here. i'm still feeling poorly. >> schieffer: so, jon, here is my question-- if they know where this contaminated salad mix in iowa and nebraska is probably coming from, why aren't they saying that? are they putting business interests ahead of public health? >> reporter: bob, we've been pushing the f.d.a. and c.d.c. for this on days. i spoke to the c.d.c. about an hour ago and was told just because a certain brand of salad is infected it doesn't mean that brand is the ultimate source of the infection. for example, it could be coming from a common distributor, a common processing plant, which involves a lot of other brands. so for now, they're saying, look, we're getting closer. we're eliminating certain things, and we're going to probably be giving you some more information soon but right now we're not ready to say anything more.
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>> schieffer: the latest drought report shows more than 45% of 45% country is bone dry, almost all of it west of the mississippi river, but the southeast is getting too much rain. lhat will mean higher food bills, and here's manuel bojorquz.
5:51 pm
>> can rained again in cordell, georgia, they call themselves the water capital of the world. dell,renshaw has grown them here for 30 years. >> it's the wettest year i've seen. >> reporter: rainfall totals in many parts of the southeast are nchenches above normal. produce that grows close to the neound or on vines have been heavily damaged. waterlogged melons here, split open, rot or lose flavor. law you can tell? >> you see is that brown around the edge of it? that water just running off? >> reporter: half of crenshaw's crop is ruined. se thinks he's facing $1 million n losses. in a drought, you can irrigate. >> right. ut weporter: but when you have this much rain what, can you do? >> there's nothing you can do. you can't take the water away. >> reporter: the melons that aren't any good end up at packing houses like the ones thed by danny wilcher. july is supposed to be peak season. r. we shut down for two weeks.
5:52 pm
>> reporter: and that hasn't happened in how long? >> never. >> reporter: today just one ha conveyor belt was in use. 10%ally there are four. a food economist told us shoppers can expect food and vegetable prices to be 10% higher in the fall. >> we need to make money, all of us-- the workers you see here, se truck drivers. i mean-- hauling this stuff out of here. hi reporter: this affects a lot of people. itit affects everybody. >> reporter: the heavy rains come after two years of drought ns the southeast. bob, the national weather system said today this part country can expect above-average rainfall through october. >> schieffer: all right, thank you very much, manuel. so here's a question-- how strong is the average bear? matures from colorado springs suggest a lot stronger than we onought. this bear found a dumpster outside a german restaurant and just carted it away and since this is the second time-- there
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tonight with one of the youngest victims of the war in afghanistan. elaine quijano tells us how an american family helped him get his life back. >> reporter: eight months ago riding a bike would have been impossible for six-year-old sajad. he lost his sight when a bomb went off next to his home in afghanistan. >> he said him and his sister and brother went to the hospit hospital and only he came back. sit >> reporter: since january, he has been staying with muntazir somji and his family in their mooreville, north carolina home. he was minded by shards of glass that pierced his eyes and face. his desperate father took him to the hospital. patsy wilson was there when he arrived. >> he was in such pain and his father was so distraught-- as
5:57 pm
any father would be. >> reporter: what did his father say to you? >> "please help my son." >> reporter: wilson arranged for surgeons in the u.s. to operate on sajad. the somjis will arranged with the boy to stay with them through his recovery. >> he had to feel the house. he had to find where he was going. sometimes you'd be amazed you knew he couldn't see but he could run around the house. >> reporter: soon after his arrival, sajad underwent eye surgery to restore his sight. >> he came out and saw the and mirror and suddenly he said two eyes. at that time i knew he had some vision now. >> reporter: what did you think when he said that? >> um, i--... my first thought was we can tell his parents...
5:58 pm
that something's better. >> reporter: slowly, sajad began to rediscover the world around him. >> i almost got it! >> reporter: he progressed so well that this summer he's attending camp. swimming and playing sports. a third surgery is scheduled to take place this month. he will likely go home to afghanistan in october. >> it will take a lot of adjustment when he leaves. it will be quieter. >> reporter: you'll miss that? >> i will miss it. i will definitely miss it. >> reporter: the departure will be bittersweet, but sajad will leave having seen how love from strangers can change a life. >> let's go. >> reporter: elaine quijano, cbs news, moorsville, north carolina. >> schieffer: that's the news. i'm bob schieffer in for scott pelley. we'll see you tomorrow. good night. tomorrow. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald chopper 5 live above a rally by bart workers and unions supporting them. tonight, negotiations stopped while workers walked. we're just now 78 hours away from another crippling strike. good evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. the talks are on hole and the union is on the move. a rally of solidarity under way right now in oakland with talks on hold. we have live team coverage tonight. ryan takeo is following the talks at the caltrans building in oakland. but we will start with christin ayers at frank ogawa plaza. >> reporter: talks are continuing at the caltrans building not far from here. a rally under way well over 1,000 people have turn out here at frank ogawa plaza. a strong show of support from a number of unions, at least five
6:00 pm
major ones who are out here today. earlier today we were there as they were gathering getting ready for a show of solidarity here at frank ogawa plaza. just six hours out from weather unions have to announce whether they intend to strike. at midnight they will announce whether they will strike. if they will strike they must give 72 hours' notice. from here the unions will lead a march away from city hall to bart headquarters. so they want to stop at bart headquarters and then rally there again. again, trying to send a strong message to bart that they do indeed have support despite a perception and certainly some polling that has shown that the public has been siding more closely with bart as opposed to the unions. they are hoping to show they too have support out here. again, talks continuing today but lots of frustrations on both sides. here's what a union rep told us earlier. >> this whole thing was a farce


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